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A year ago I felt helpless and trapped in a spiral of negative thoughts and emotions. I had gone from an active outgoing person to a hermit. I could no longer recognize the person I was becoming, and it was not someone I wanted to be. I was on the verge of another severe depression. A dear friend recommended that I meet Azita and try the Bowden therapy. It all sounded very pseudo-scientific, but it felt it was my last drop of hope before I completely surrendered to my saboteur. Azita's technique, while unconventional, has had miraculous impact on me. She has helped me reconnect with my true self, activating my energy, my desire to live life to the fullest, and to be strong in face of adversity. I still have a lot of work ahead, and I know I can count on her to support me on my journey to my higher self. After 3 sessions, things began to change. Everyone in particular my immediate family said I had come out of my shell after many years, that they finally saw the old M.S.. Strangers and friends were being drawn to my "inner" glow and positivity. Azita's technique within a few sessions achieves what would be only possible with hours of meditation, yoga, and other holistic therapies. She is deeply compassionate and genuinely cared about my wellbeing. She provided me a safe private environment to express my issues - whether it was mental, emotional or physical pain - and helped rewire my body back to its optimal state. I am forever grateful to her magical fingers and I highly recommend anyone determined to get back on track to meet Azita and try her technique.


I had a side affects from my hormone therapy of my past breast caner operation, such as borne pain depressions which is similar symptoms as a menopausal disorder. I met Azita and BOWTECH® session and become much better condition after that. I really appreciate.


I was treated for AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia). Post bone marrow transplant, I required blood transfusion on biweekly basis. I was suffering from low energy and was extremely tired especially prior to receiving new blood. I saw Azita after my mother-in-law recommended her. Azita had helped with her arm mobility using Bowen Therapy. After explaining the Bowen Therapy, I started to receive the Cancer Protocol which was supposed to help my immune system. Within a few weeks I realized a noticeable improvement in my energy level. I no longer suffered from fatigue and overall felt much better about my health. During the therapy I was very relaxed and liked the fact that my body was handled delicately. To me it felt like someone was moving pieces into their right place, like the game Rubik's Cube. I recommend Azita to anyone who is suffering from any type of illness or discomfort.

Carmen S.

Victime d'une hémorragie interne, mal conseillée par les médecins, j'ai développé différents troubles physiques, handicapants. J'ai eu recours à la médecine traditionnelle, en vain. L'un de mes élèves, voyant ma souffrance, m'a conseillé la technique Bowen qu'il connaissait par sa mère, praticienne. La lumière que dégageait ce jeune homme, sa sérénité m'inspirèrent confiance et je pris rendez-vous. Lorsque je rencontrai Azita Angadji, je me sentis écoutée et non pas jugée. Qu'il s'agisse de maux physiques ou de mes émotions, tout fit pris en compte. Azita me dit qu'après ces cinq séances, je ne serai jamais plus la même, que cette thérapie effacerait de mon corps la mémoire de traumatismes moraux et physiques. Le cabinet d'Azita se situait au 65ème étage d'une tour avec une vue dégagée sur Dubai, il me fallut trois séances pour distinguer cela. : jusqu'alors, mon regard s'arrêtait à la baie vitrée sans voir au-delà. Ceci constitua une véritable prise de conscience de l'enfermement physique et moral qui était le mien. La première séance mérite d'être narrée. Insomniaque, je m'endormis pourtant au bout de quelques minutes dans le cabinet baigné de soleil. Azita m'expliqua que dans les jours à venir je pourrais être triste et qu'il serait bon d'évacuer ses émotions qui me submergeaient. Je ne dormis presque pas cette première nuit, je fus envahie par une colère telle que je déracinai des arbustes morts sur mon balcon comme s'il s'était agi de simples brins d'herbes. La colère grandit, déborda et se déversa durant 48h. La semaine suivante, lors de la consultation, Azita me dit que cela était positif et cela était vrai. La méthode Bowen m'a permis d'aller bien, d'être moi-même tout en me défaisant de ces parts d'ombres qui me gangrénaient. Selon mes enfants, il y a un avant et un après Azita. Liberté et bien-être. Merci, Azita et merci à son fils, de cette délivrance.

Dr. Bushra Al Mulla

When I first tried Bowen Therapy, I just tried it because I was desperate for a solution for my child with autism. Azita was very capable to gain my son's trust and he was looking forward to the sessions... In less than a month the school and his therapists noticed the difference in my child performance and concentration physically and academically... Therefore I started Bowen treatment for myself due to my chronic migraine, cervical disc prolapse and fibromyalgia and the results that I had were amazing as I was able to sleep better, my pain reduced tremendously and my level of energy was excellent..... I totally recommend Bowen therapy to others as a doctor

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While Bowen Therapy can help speed up recovery time, the Bowen Technique is not ever meant to replace any other medical treatment, however, due to its high rate of success, more and more members of the medical community are quite impressed with the effectiveness of this therapy and are referring patients to practitioners.