Bowen: what it helps

Bowen therapy is gentle enough to be used on new injuries, even over swollen tissue. It is also extremely effective at treating long-term problems, where other kinds of treatment have failed, for instance long-term frozen shoulder, tennis elbow or back problems.

Bowen helps improve overall body function, concentration, posture and general health. It can also restore lost vitality and mental ability by removing the effects of a stressful lifestyle.

Bowen helps the body absorb and distribute nutrients more effectively. Through lymphatic drainage, it helps the body eliminate toxins and regain its ideal hormonal and metabolic balance. In this way it can also be very helpful for those who are trying to lose weight or improve their digestive health.

Bowen can be an ideal complement to gym activity. If an individual suffers from stress-related hormonal and metabolic imbalances, a regular gym workout on its own can have little impact on improving weight or fitness. This is because the 'stressed' body is not able to absorb nutrients effectively and therefore it stores fat supplies.

By contrast, Bowen Therapy facilitates the body to efficiently eliminate toxins and properly digest and absorb nutrients, reducing the need for body to store fat, thereby restoring the effectiveness of your workout. Everyone responds to Bowen work according to what his or her body needs in order to heal. Often a person's body begins to respond almost immediately in most cases after only a few gentle moves over muscles and other soft tissues, healing can begin.

Please Note:

While Bowen Therapy can help speed up recovery time, the Bowen Technique is not ever meant to replace any other medical treatment, however, due to its high rate of success, more and more members of the medical community are quite impressed with the effectiveness of this therapy and are referring patients to practitioners.